How To Get Quality Backlinks For Your Blog In 2018

I started in 2013. I was writing quality content for more than one year on WBT. But because of zero ranking, I begin learning SEO thoroughly. After that, I found backlinks is the best factor to move a site higher in Google SERP. I start making natural backlinks, and I got most significant results in the SERP. Now I believe indeed quality backlinks are the only best way to win Google’s heart for higher SERP of any site.

Now you may probably understand how backlink is important

And Also, I think you know how to get rank on Google by doing quality backlinks for your website/blog.

That is fine; you are entirely clear that you understand the backlinks how does indeed it works.

However, the Main problem is most the Bloggers and SEO Marketers are making the wrong selection and doing wrong backlinks on their website/blog.

However, how do you find trustworthy sites that might want to link to you?

Let’s have to look to the article (How to get quality Backlinks).

A backlink is a significant segment for starting any new website or blog. The popularity of a site mostly falls under the backlink. A backlink is one kind of hyperlink which links to other website or back to your website. A backlink is otherwise known as an Inbound link. Well, the more backlink you use on your website, it will be visible on the top of the search engine sites like Google. So, it’s essential to get backlinks from your sites or blog. This is mainly a relevant term for the search engine optimization (SEO) system and therefore, it determines the popularity of your site. Backlinks can also bring some audience to your website.

Now, it’s essential to know how to get quality backlinks? You must follow some certain steps and rules to get some greater backlinks from the website. You can create backlinks in various ways like videos and websites. Follow these simple instructions:

How To Get Quality Backlinks

1: Guest Posting On High Authority Sites.

One of the best methods which are recommended by top SEO experts to gain natural and quality backlinks is Guest blogging. How to get quality backlinks? Guest posting can do it better. Find those blogs and guest posting gigs online. You can surely find a lot of guest posting blog via google search. Post something relevant to your site and leave some hyperlinks to your site inside your post or article. If your post becomes interesting to the readers, then they will definitely visit your website. So guest posting is an ideal source of backlinks. Here is the list of top guest posting blog which accepts guest author. So you can check with them to build your quality backlinks to increase your rankings on google search engines.

Three significant benefits of Guest blogging.

  • It will make you as an authority and well-known name in the web industry.
  • Guest blogging helps you get referral traffic back to your website.
  • Guest blogging is the best way to Build backlinks to your website. And these backlinks help’s you to bring organic traffic to your site.

Before you start guest blogging read some rules.

  1. Read site guest posting guidelines carefully. If you don’t find guidelines interesting just leave this site and choose another one. Because when you don’t follow the guidelines but submit the article, then it will be a big waste of time. So make sure you and the blog owner is interested in your article.
  2. The content must be detailed and unique: Yes, I saw many bloggers who are saying currently we stopped accepting the guest post, but good content always changes their mind. So it the best way to write exciting and quality contents with related images.
  3. You need to own the content fully: It doesn’t mean who writes the article. However, you just need to own it. If you don’t own the article, people will start publishing the same material on their own site or even on other people’s sites.
  4. Make your email professional: Making your email more professional will take the best attention of the admin to your article. Example: Dear Admin, or your bio, your samples or something great which administrator will be forced to replay you.
  5. Linking to your site. Last but not least. I would recommend you to don’t insert the link of your website at the beginning of the article. Because most of the bloggers hate it because it seems to be promotional. If it possible just adds your site credit link in the author bio box. Which great. Or not just add your site at the 4th or 5th heading or paragram of the article make sure the text is relevant to your site article and useful for readers.

2: Use Social Bookmarking Sites.

After the guest posting, one of the unique ways to gain high authority backlinks is from social bookmarking sites. Basically social bookmarking sites are a centralized online web-services which let users to add, comment, edit, and share bookmarks of web-pages and web-documents easily. In early age, the social bookmarking site is being the best way to gain referral traffic for free of cost. They are also used to get quality backlinks.

Benefit’s Of Social Bookmarking Sites.

  • One of the best technique to gain lots of free referral traffic to your content or website.
  • Google also loves social Bookmarking sites backlinks.
  • There are lots of famous social bookmarking sites which do-follow backlinks to their user’s website. And these backlinks will be the best way to get higher posting in search SERP.

Little List of D0-follow Social Bookmarking sites.


For more do-follow social Bookmarking sites go here.

3: Give Testimonials.

Companies or business based website love success stories.

They have more value than motivational quotes that say good things about a company or a product.

Good testimonials to a product can easily increase sales, and they seem excellent on home pages and landing pages.

Testimonials are necessary for any e-commerce or other business based website. Testimonials are the part where all the customers will give their reviews. In the testimonials, use of backlinks can play a significant role. Through backlinks from the testimonies, visitors can go to the website very easily. So it’s better idea to keep as many backlinks as possible in the Testimonials. Many sites give you a backlink pointing to your site in exchange for a lustrous testimonial. It is the also the easiest and beautiful way to get quality backlinks.

#4: Gain Backlinks By Commenting.

Commenting on your niche site is the best way to build a relationship. But also it is a great way to gain do-follow or no-follow backlinks. The benefits of no-follow comment backlinks are that, it brings little traffic to your site & build a relationship with your blogging buddy. While the do-follow backlinks bring referral traffic to your site as well, it gives your site a link juice. Which will help you with better search rankings of your website. Links starting with comments may perhaps not have enough SEO value, but if they are natural and relevant which are among the key factors that Google rankings value.

Before you start commenting make sure to know about these rules which are given below.

  1. No: 1 Do not comment until you don’t read some paragraph of the article or not know what the article/page is about.
  2. Don’t leave a short, disgusting comment like Thanks, good post, nice article, etc.
  3. Add good value to the post by commenting kind, interesting words.
  4. Always use your real email in the email box.
  5. Make sure to use your real name in the name box. Never use the keyword in the name box which you’re trying to rank for Google. (e.g., “How to get quality backlinks”)

Little Research list of some do-follow commenting sites.


You can get 100+ working comment backlinks list from here.

#5: Create InfoGrapics Gain Backlinks by Using Guestographics technique.

Nowadays in the SEO, it is the best way to get quality backlinks by creating. You may probably be thinking how to get backlinks with infographics. One best method which is available on the internet now is Backlinko method.

The method he mentions their to get backlinks quality backlinks with Guestographics.

Here are the five steps:

  • Publish an infographic on your website.
  • Find those sites that write about your infographic’s topic with Google search results. E.g., you create an infographic about on-page SEO. So just go to google and search on-page SEO keyword and collect some good quality website.
  • Show them your infographic by contacting them.
  • Offer them unique content.
  • And get your high authority contextual backlinks

This method will ultimately let you know how to build high-quality backlinks with Guestographics. You can also watch this video by brain dean

You can submit your infographics to these top sites.


6: Profile Creation Sites.

There are lots of profile creation sites which allow do-follow backlinks to their users in the profile area.

Profile Creation Sites are primarily conducive to improving your blog/site traffic and Google SERP. As well it will help to increase Google Page rank, Moz (DA) & (PA).

Little List of sites which allow do-follow backlinks in their user profile area.


For more profile, creation sites list read my this article.

7: Forum Posting Sites.

If you’re unexplained with online forums sites, they primarily provide a platform for a bunch of people to talk about a particular topic’s (e.g., SEO, any Specific product, problems or something important).

The do-follow forums posting sites use the do-follow HTML attribute tag, and that helps users to add their site link into relevant text. Which boost users traffic but as well search engine rankings.

A small list of do-follow forum posting sites.


You get the full forum posting list from here.

8: Article Submission Sites.

Article Submission sites can still provide you excellent Google ranking signals if it comes to Modern SEO practice.

If you have some extra article, you must take a step to submit these quality articles on article submission sites. This process will help you in very high ranking on any search engines. It is quite similar to guest blogging. But the difference is this in the guest blogging there is the only topic it may be in your niche. But in the article submission sites their different kinds of article category. Like news, health, SEO, blogging, gaming, real estate, and much more. I would recommed most gusest blogging because the links from guest blogging looks totally natural. But you can try article submission sites to make quality backlinks as well. Most of bloggers still recommend article submission sites for linkbuilding.

A little list of article submission sites.


Final Words:

Quality backlinks are the only way to get higher posting in the top 10 results of your search keyword. In this article, these are the best and natural way to get lots of backlinks easily. I hope you like this article. Don’t forget to share.

About the Author: Jalil Mehar

Jalil Mehar, is a Web-Developer, SEO Analyst, WordPress Expert And Founder Of WPBloggerTricks, Blogging Egg and also the founder of A free social bookmarking site to help bloggers to gain do-follow backlinks.


  1. That sounded interesting Jalil,

    There are tons on ways to build backlinks, from forum links, profile links, web 2.0,and more which you have already mentioned in your article…
    No wonder, every blogger striving for backlinks all the time.

    I always try to go for Blog Commenting and Guest Posting and putting some value on their blog as well. And also let me make new friends as well. Which could be one of the success for the blog… Thanks,

    Have a great day ahead!

  2. Thanks Jalil Mehr i was looking for linkbuilding guide for so long. Its quite informative though i am scaptical about social bookmarking site because on other side they increase bounce rate..but your guide is realy helpful.

  3. Thanks for this informative post jalil. Apart from backlinks don’t you think about the content?
    Now that you’re the one who attracts readers with best word practice which makes me follow your blogs. 🙂

    1. Hy, Sandeep you’re 100% right, Quality content is the key to invite the people to go to see the site.😉

      And also helps website owners to link back to it.

      Thanks for the valuable comment.

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